Silver Nitrate Standard Solutions – How to make them, and SAVE MONEY!

How to Make your own Silver Nitrate Standard Solutions

Normal (Molar)   High Purity Distilled or D.I.
Solution Desired Silver Nitrate Water to Make
0.0141 N 2.395 grams 1 Liter
0.0171 N 2.904 grams 1 Liter
0.0192 N 3.261 grams 1 Liter
0.020 N 3.397 grams 1 Liter
0.025 N 4.246 grams 1 Liter
0.0282 N 4.790 grams 1 Liter
0.045 N 7.644 grams 1 Liter
0.050 N 8.493 grams 1 Liter
0.1 N 16.987 grams 1 Liter
0.141 N 23.951 grams 1 Liter
0.153 N 25.990 grams 1 Liter
0.171 N 29.047 grams 1 Liter
0.2 N 33.974 grams 1 Liter
0.25 N 42.467 grams 1 Liter
0.282 N 47.903 grams 1 Liter
0.5 N 84.935 grams 1 Liter
1.0 N 169.870 grams 1 Liter
2.0 N 339.740 grams 1 Liter
3.0 N 509.610 grams 1 Liter
4.0 N 679.480 grams 1 Liter
Volumetric Flasks   Meniscus
 Volumetric Flasks  Meniscus
 Volumetric Flasks look like this.
There are many sizes and styles.
1000 ml equals 1 Liter
Add Water until you have
reached the mark on the flask
like the example above.

You can save a lot of money by making your own Silver Nitrate Standard Solutions! It’s Easy!


What you need
1A Volumetric Flask. ( from a chem store, catalog, or eBay )
2An Accurate Scale. ( there are very good ones on eBay )
3De-Ionized -or- Distilled Water. ( don’t use tap water! )
4High Purity Silver Nitrate. ( you can buy it on this website )


1 – Find the concentration of the solution you want to make, from the table, above.
2 – Carefully weigh the exact amount of High Purity Silver Nitrate you need.
3 – Add the Silver Nitrate powder to the empty Volumetric flask.
4 – Add about half of the water, swirl the flask to dissolve all of the Silver Nitrate.
5 – Carefully add the rest of the water, until the water Meniscus reaches the mark on the flask.
6 – That’s it. You can pour your solution into another bottle at this point.


Important: Use High Purity Silver Nitrate only. ( we sell High Purity Silver Nitrate )
Important: Use De-Ionized -or- Distilled Water only. ( never use tap water )
Important: Store your solution capped. Don’t let it evaporate – that will concentrate it!


HINT: Store your standard solutions in Glass Containers. (not soft plastic)
HINT: Silver Nitrate solutions can be stored in type PETE 1 (polyethylene terephthalate ester) Plastic.
HINT: The solutions are not light sensitive. You don’t need dark bottles.
HINT: After pouring your solution from the Volumetric flask, add a pinch of salt to the flask, then rinse and drain at least 3 times.
HINT: Rinse your Volumetric Flask with Distilled Water, then let it dry, before storing it.
HINT: If you don’t use High Purity Silver Nitrate, your solution won’t be colorless, like it should be.
HINT: With Silver Nitrate Standard Solutions, Normal and Molar have the same meaning. (because it’s Valence is +1)
HINT: 100 gram Capacity Digital Scales, accurate to 0.01 grams, can be found on eBay for under $20!


KNOW THIS: One Mole of Silver Nitrate weighs 169.87 grams. So a 1.0N solution is: 169.87 grams diluted to a volume of 1 Liter.
KNOW THIS: One Mole of Silver Nitrate weighs 169.87 grams. So a 0.1N solution is: 16.987 grams diluted to a volume of 1 Liter.