Silver Powder


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Our Silver Powder is new and freshly prepared. The powder has been ground and sifted.
Silver Powder is shipped in clear glass shrink-wrapped bottles.
Silver Powder Properties:

CAS Number: 7440-22-4

FW: 107.86   99.95% Silver

This is a dry, extremely fine gray powder that does not absorb moisture from the air.
Particle size is about 2 microns. The Silver Powder has a texture similar to baking flour.
It is not soluble in water, but is soluble in dilute Nitric Acid.
Silver Powder has been known to kill germs.
The powder is non toxic.
It is not impact sensitive. It won’t explode or ignite when struck between heavy objects.

Silver Powder Uses

Silver Powder Uses:
Artists use Silver Powder to give Glass Beads a beautiful color.
Scientists use Silver Powder in Research.
Biologists study the germicidal effects of Silver Powder.
Silver Ions (Ag+1) are purified to a minimum of 99.95% by weight.
(1,000 grams of Silver Ions then contain less than .5 grams of impurities at this point.)
The Purified Silver Ions are then precipitated from solution.
The wet Silver Powder is filtered by suction to remove the water.
The powder is then dried in warm air for several days.
The powder is then vacuum dried.




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