Salt Lake Metals began in 2003.
With a passion for Silver and Gold and the many different compounds that
they could produce, we set up a lab and began to experiment with making all
the different compounds that we sell today.
Salt Lake Metals has always taken pride in offering the best quality service
and products to our customers.

Why Buy From Salt Lake Metals:

  • Quality – We make all of our products in house, using high grade Silver and Gold.
  • Advice – You can contact the person who makes our products.
  • Shipping – All orders placed early in the day are shipped the same day.
  • Tracking – All orders are followed up with a nice e-mail Tracking Number link.
  • Inventory – Every item is in stock – no need to worry about that.
  • Easy – You don’t need to fill out forms to become our customer. No Username or Passwords!
  • Safe – Our products are shipped in rugged packaging. All packages will survive the 9′ drop test.
  • Trust – We are a small company. We value your business. We strive to keep you as a customer.