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Our Silver Nitrate is new and freshly prepared. The powder has been crystallized and sifted.
Many customers have told us that we make the best Silver Nitrate they have ever used.
Silver Nitrate Properties:
CAS Number: 7761-88-8
Synonyms: AgNO3, Silver(I) Nitrate.
Formula Weight: 169.87 grams/Mole

— High Purity (AgNO3 contains 67.27% Silver)

Density: 4.35 grams per cubic centimeter (when compressed)
Density: 2.21 grams per cubic centimeter (in powder form, like we sell)
Particle Size: 0.021 inches max – (21 thousandths of an inch)
Melting Point: 212°C ( 413°F )
Boiling Point: 440°C ( 824°F ) – decomposes
Shelf Life: Indefinite.
This is a dry, white powder.
It is not light sensitive (even in direct sunlight) when kept inside a sealed container.
Pure Silver Nitrate (the kind we sell) is not light sensitive.
Impure Silver Nitrate (the kind we don’t sell) can be light sensitive.
It can be handled in room lighting without risk of light sensitivity.
It is best to buy it pre-ground and sifted (like ours).
It is not impact sensitive. It won’t explode or ignite when struck between heavy objects.
It is extremely soluble in water. (2,570g / Liter @ 25°C)
It is soluble in Ammonia. (Forms explosive di-amine silver upon drying!)
It is not very soluble in concentrated Nitric Acid. (2 grams / Liter)
Always use Distilled Water (the grocery store type) when dissolving Silver Nitrate.
When Silver Nitrate is added to water, the water cools. (endothermic)
Silver Nitrate powder is generally toxic. The taste is extremely bitter!
Always store Silver Nitrate in Glass Containers!
Silver Nitrate can be stored safely in Polyacrylate, however (eg: “2 liter Soda bottle” plastic).
Never store or ship Silver Nitrate in Polyethylene bags or bottles! – it will get “gummy”.
Like all chemicals, avoid breathing the dust, excess skin contact, and wear safety glasses.
Most of all, keep Silver Nitrate and it’s solutions away from your eyes!

Silver Nitrate Uses

Silver Nitrate is mainly used as the basic building block for making all Silver Compounds.
Preparation of Ultra Pure Silver Metal.
A precursor to the preparation of Silver (II) Oxide, Ag2O. (It is heated to 140°F with equimolar NaOH solution).
Decorative etching of high quality steel. (Apply damp Silver Nitrate to steel, let stand for several hours).
Decorative glaze for ceramics. (Raku)
Adding a beautiful patina to other metals, like copper alloys.
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Storage: Store Silver Nitrate in it’s original dark brown glass bottle.
Keep bottle in cabinet and away from sunlight. Pure Silver Nitrate is not light sensitive, however.


What does our Silver Nitrate look like?

Here is an example of our Silver Nitrate.
This is what our Silver Nitrate looks like before it’s bottled.


This beaker contains 2,352 grams of Normal Purity Silver Nitrate.
This Silver Nitrate occupies 1,060 ml of volume.
So, 1 ml of volume can hold 2.214 grams of Silver Nitrate.
Our Silver Nitrate has been ground and sifted, as you can see.


Our average particle size is about 40-500 microns.
( this is about 1 thousandth to 21 thousandths of an inch )


This Silver Nitrate is in a 2 Liter beaker.
The beaker shown is exactly 7.5 inches tall.

Our Silver Nitrate

Here is an example of 50 grams of our Silver Nitrate.
This is what our Silver Nitrate looks like after it’s bottled.


This bottle contained 50 grams of Normal Purity Silver Nitrate.
This bottle is exactly 3 3/4 inches tall.
This is a standard 2 Fluid Ounce (50ml) bottle.
In this case, 50 grams fills about 40% of this bottle.

We are proud of the quality of our chemicals.


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