Silver Nitrate Formula

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Silver Nitrate Formula - Interesting Facts
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AgNO3 Silver Nitrate Formula
Silver - Ag [1]
Nitrogen - N [1]
Oxygen - O [3]
107.8682 grams
14.0067 grams
47.9982 grams
  Total: 169.8731 grams

1 Mole of Silver Nitrate contains:
1 Mole of Silver
1 Mole of Nitrogen
3 Moles of Oxygen [ Note: 1 Mole of Oxygen = 15.9994 grams (about 13.5 Cubic Feet!) ]
From the table above, we can see that 1 Mole of Silver Nitrate weighs about 169.87 grams.
You can then say that the Formula Weight of Silver Nitrate is 169.87 grams.
Note: The terms: Formula Weight and Molecular Weight are the same thing.

What is a MOLE?
A Mole is the standard unit of measure in Chemistry (like a Gallon is to Gasoline).
One Mole is 6.02 times 1023 atoms -or- molecules (groups of atoms).

Interesting Fact:
Silver Nitrate has a Density of 4.35 grams per Cubic Centimeter (when compressed)
Silver Nitrate has a Density of 2.21 grams per Cubic Centimeter (in powder form)
So, if 1 Mole of Silver Nitrate weighs 169.87 grams,
1 Mole of Silver Nitrate has a Volume of [ 169.87 / 4.35 ] -or- 39.05 Cubic Centimeters

Even More Interesting is This:
Silver Nitrate contains 4 Moles of gasses. [ 1 Mole Nitrogen + 3 Moles Oxygen ]
4 Moles of gasses normally occupy 13.5 Cubic Feet per Mole
So: 13.5 Cubic Feet times 4 = 54 Cubic Feet
So: 54 Cubic Feet converts to: 1,529,109 Cubic Centimeters (404 Gallons)
So: The gasses in 1 Mole of Silver Nitrate have shrunk from:
    1,529,109 Cubic Centimeters down to 39.05 Cubic Centimeters!
    (1,529,109 / 39.05) = 39,157 Times - This is AMAZING!
    In English: 404 Gallons of Gasses shrunk to: 0.0103159 Gallons!
    In English: 404 Gallons of Gasses shrunk to: 8 teaspoons!
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