Silver Sulfide


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Our Silver Sulfide is new and freshly prepared. The powder has been ground and sifted.
Silver Sulfide Properties:
CAS Number: 21548-73-2
Synonyms: Ag2S, Silver(I)Sulfide, Acanthite, Silver Glance.
Formula Weight: 247.8 grams/Mole — (Contains 87.06% Silver)
Density: 7.234
Melting Point: 845°C ( 1,553°F )
Shelf Life: Indefinite.
This is a dry, jet black powder that does not absorb moisture from the air.
Silver Sulfide is not light sensitive.
It is best to buy it pre-ground and sifted (like ours).
It is not impact sensitive. It won’t explode or ignite when struck between heavy objects.
It is very slightly soluble in water. (.00014g / Liter @ 20°C)
It is not soluble in Nitric Acid at any concentration.
Silver Sulfide powder is generally non toxic.
Like all chemicals, avoid breathing the dust, excess skin contact, and wear safety glasses.

Silver Sulfide Uses:

As a laboratory reagent.
Antibacterial agent for concrete ( 1 Lb Silver Sulfide per cubic yard of Concrete (4,050 lbs) ).
Used as an anti microbial agent in some infection resistant surgical fabric materials.
Store Silver Sulfide in it’s original dark brown glass bottle.




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