Silver Chloride

Silver Chloride
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Silver Chloride (AgCl) 99.9+ pure - White Powder
Silver Chloride looks like this
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Silver Chloride - 99.9% Purity   25 grams   $ 80.00  
Silver Chloride - 99.9% Purity   50 grams   $ 145.00  
Silver Chloride - 99.9% Purity   100 grams   $ 260.00  
Silver Chloride - 99.9% Purity   500 grams   $ 1075.00  
Silver Chloride - 99.9% Purity   1000 grams   $ 2150.00  
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About our Silver Chloride

Our Silver Chloride is new and freshly prepared. The powder has been ground and sifted.
Many customers have told us that we make the best Silver Chloride they have ever used.
Silver Chloride Properties:
CAS Number: 7783-90-6
Synonyms: AgCl, Cerargyrite, Chlorargyrite, Horn Silver, Silver(I)Chloride.
Formula Weight: 143.32 grams/Mole -- (AgCl contains 75.25% Silver)
Density: 5.56
Particle Size: 0.021 inches max - (21 thousandths of an inch)
Melting Point: 445°C ( 833°F )
Boiling Point: 1550°C ( 2822°F )
Shelf Life: Indefinite.
This is a dry, white powder that does not absorb moisture from the air.
It is light sensitive - especially so in ultraviolet or sunlight,
    first turning a purple color, then black with prolonged light exposure.
    It will turn black when exposed to sunlight through window glass.
It can be handled safely in very dim room lighting -or- very dim, indirect incandescent lighting.
It is best to buy it pre-ground and sifted (like ours).
It is not impact sensitive. It won't explode or ignite when struck between heavy objects.
It is very slightly soluble in water. (.00089g / Liter @ 10°C) (.021g / Liter @ 100°C)
It is rather soluble in plenty of dilute Ammonia. (Forms explosive di-amine silver upon drying!)
It is soluble in Sodium Thiosulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Potassium Bromide solutions.
It is not soluble in Nitric Acid at any concentration.
It can be compressed into shapes at 8,000 psi.
Silver Chloride becomes brittle at -200°C ( -330°F ) and below.
Silver Chloride powder is generally non toxic.
Like all chemicals, avoid breathing the dust, excess skin contact, and wear safety glasses.

Silver Chloride Uses:

As a laboratory reagent.
Preparation of Ultra Pure Silver Metal. (Smelted with Soda Ash: 1:1 Molar ratio, 1112F, 1 hour).
A precursor to the preparation of Silver (I) Oxide, Ag2O. (It is heated in dilute NaOH solution).
     • NOTE: It is very difficult to get Silver Chloride to form Pure Silver Oxide, however.
In Photography, as a sensitizer, but to a much lesser extent than Silver Bromide.
Electroplating - both electroless and as an anode in an electric cell.
Inquartation in electric arc furnaces - smelting Gold and Platinum Group Metals.
As a thin coating on the surface of Medical Electrodes for EKG machines. (Placed against the skin).
Antibacterial agent for concrete ( 1 Lb Silver Chloride per cubic yard of Concrete (4,050 lbs) ).
Used as an anti microbial agent in some infection resistant surgical fabric materials.
Used to help prevent bacteria from growing on Latex (mixed into the Latex before it is formed).
Used to help prevent bacteria from growing on Glass (when melted into the glass).
Decorative etching of high quality steel. (Apply damp Silver Chloride to steel, let stand for several hours).
Silver chloride's low solubility makes it a useful addition to pottery glazes for the production of "Inglaze lustre".
Silver chloride is used to make Photochromic eyeglass lenses. (they darken in bright light)
The soft crystals of Silver Chloride deform under heat and pressure and are forged against polished dies to create infrared windows and lenses.

Unusual Properties of Silver Chloride:

• If placed in a sealed glass container (at atmospheric pressure) and exposed to sunlight (while shaking the container), Silver Chloride turns black. If then placed in a completely dark place, the Silver Chloride will eventually turn back to pure white.
• If placed in a sealed glass container (in complete vacuum) and exposed to sunlight, Silver Chloride won't turn black.
• Some research shows that the blackening of Silver Chloride is due to absorption of Oxygen and loss of Chlorine.

Store Silver Chloride in it's original dark brown glass bottle.
Keep bottle in dim cabinet and away from bright lighting of any kind, especially sunlight.

Silver Chloride
The photograph of Silver Chloride (above) was taken very quickly
to avoid the darkening caused by the camera lights!

Silver Chloride 50 gram bottle Silver Chloride 500 gram bottle

Ships inside USA only. Priority Mail.
This item is not hazardous to ship.

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