How to generate a Purchase Order - using our online order form
Here is the way to generate an Invoice for your Purchase Order from the Salt Lake Metals website.

1 - Go To, Click the 'Order' tab, Click the 'Secure Online Orders' link.
2 - Select your Item(s) and Quantities
3 - Fill out the Order Form, just like normal.
  Except - Credit Card Number should start with PO
    Credit Card Number like this ---> PO NNNNNNNNN
    Credit Card Number or this ---> PO 1234567
    Credit Card Number or this ---> PO #123-4567
    The Name on Card - Type your name
    The Credit Card Expiry Date - doesn't matter
    The Credit Card Security Code - doesn't matter

Then, when you Submit the Order, you will receive an email receipt immediately.
This way, you can receive a printable receipt with all of the prices, including shipping, etc.

It works really nice for generating an invoice for your purchase order.
You can then mail your PO / Invoice, with a check, to the address below.
We also accept Bank Wire and PayPal - call first for instructions.
We do not ship Purchase Orders until payment is received!

Mailing Address:   Salt Lake Metals
1115 East Brigadoon
Salt Lake City, UT 84117-4969