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Shipping Charges
Under $300 =   $5.00
$300 - $499 = $10.00
$500 - $699 = $15.00
$700 - $999 = $20.00
Over $1000 = $25.00

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We cannot ship to CANADA

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PayPal is accepted - email Mary Jane at mrets@xmission.com for instructions

Purchase Orders:   Click Here for instructions. How to generate an Invoice Online.
PayPal is accepted - email Mary Jane at mrets@xmission.com for instructions
Mailed Purchase Orders Must be accompanied with a Money Order,
    payable to : "ETS Inc. - www.SaltLakeMetals.com"
NOTE: "Net 30" type Purchase Orders are not accepted for Precious Metals
NOTE: ALL Purchase Orders must be accompanied by a money order.
NOTE: Purchase Orders are not shipped until payment is received.
IMPORTANT: Due to trouble regarding business or personal checks,
I will not be accepting any more payments this way. If you do send a check, you will have to wait several days for the funds to clear before I ship your order.
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Sales Tax:  

Utah residents only - 6.85% sales tax

Mailing Address:   Salt Lake Metals
1115 East Brigadoon
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Why you should buy from Salt Lake Metals:
Quality - We make all of our products in house, using high grade Silver and Gold.
Advice - You can talk to the person who makes our products, not just a receptionist!
Shipping - All orders placed early in the day are shipped the same day.
Tracking - All orders are followed up with an nice e-mail Tracking Number link.
Inventory - Every item is in stock - unless indicated - no need to worry about that.
Easy - You don't need to fill out forms to become our customer. No Username or Passwords!
Safe - Our products are shipped in rugged packaging. All packages will survive the 9' drop test.
Trust - We are a small company. We value your business. We strive to keep you as a customer.