Gold Powder Chemical Information
Synonyms: Gold Powder, Pure Gold Powder, Fine Gold
Purity: 99.995% - Very High Purity
CAS: 7440-57-5
Formula Weight: 196.966
Chemical Formula: Au
Particle Size: Max: 400 microns (0.016 inch)
Bottle Size: 1.15 inches tall
1 Gram Volume: just under 1/8 teaspoon of pure gold powder
5 Gram Volume: about 1/4 teaspoon of pure gold powder

Gold Powder Gold Powder
General Information about our Gold Powder
Our Gold Powder is packaged in what are called "5/8 Dram Vials".
The small vials are packaged inside a small box (as shown in the pictures above).
The bottles are too small to have a Label, so the Label is placed on the box (as shown above).
The box contains a cotton pad, with the small bottle resting on the pad.

How we make our Pure Gold Powder
We start with Credit Suisse 99.99% Pure Gold Bars.
Next, we make Pure Gold Chloride from the Gold Bars.
Then, we precipitate the Gold Powder from the Gold Chloride solution, with Oxalic Acid.
 - Oxalic Acid is the best precipitant, because it precipitates only Gold, impurities are removed.
 - Oxalic Acid also gives a better particle size than Sodium Metabisulfite or Iron Sulfate or SO2 gas.
The Gold Powder is then rinsed, dried and sifted through a 400 micron sieve.

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