NOTICE - Before you contact SLMetals - Please read this:
 We cannot ship to Canada, Europe, Asia or Africa
 We cannot ship to Russia, Australia or anywhere outside of the United States! PLEASE RESPECT THIS, THANK YOU!

 Regarding Bulk Quantities - We only sell the Quantities listed on this website
 Regarding Bulk Silver Nitrate - 2 Kilogram maximum per order!
  You can always email me to see if I can provide more.

  We do not sell items not listed on this website
  We do not Purchase Silver or Gold Compounds or Metal stock of any kind
  We do not Buy Silver Nitrate
  We do not Ship FedEX - Only Priority Mail
  We can't ship Silver Nitrate Next-Day Air - ONLY Priority Mail
  I won't do your Chemistry homework - you don't learn when I do it for you!

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You can always get in touch with me by email.
Mary Jane Patterson, owner,
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